Sync Data Between HubSpot with Google Contacts
Import2 Wizard can help you setup a seamless and predictable integration between your Google Contacts and HubSpot accounts. No technical know-how needed.
Why Sync Google Contacts?
You need your contacts to be up to date and accurate. Make updates on your mobile and have them updated in real-time to your HubSpot platform, or vice versa. So whether you're on the go or back in the office, you have the accurate contact details where you need it.
Keep contact details up to date in HubSpot
When your business data is up to date and accurate, you can be confident that the next time you follow-up with a marketing campaign or a sales pitch, you are targeting the right people.
Identify phone number when customers are calling you
Automatically see the HubSpot contact details on your mobile, so you can easily identify when a customer is calling you. This way you never miss a chance to engage with your customers, and have more relevant, personalized conversations.
Avoid duplicate data entry
Regular sync ensures that updates you make to your contacts appear immediately in your HubSpot and mobile, and eliminates any need for manual data entry to keep your HubSpot up to date.
What Can You Sync?
With Import2 Wizard, you can sync any contact data, exactly where you need it.
Newly created contacts
Add a new contact in your Google Contacts list, and it automatically appears in your HubSpot database, or vice versa.
Updates of existing contacts
Updating a phone number, address, email or adding a comment on one of your contacts? No problem, you'll see this reflected in real-time so that both your Google Contacts and HubSpot are consistent.
How Does it Work?
Import2 Wizard data sync is super simple to setup, while keeping you to data safe from overwriting
Connect your HubSpot and Google accounts
Choose the contact fields you wish to sync
Monitor the results anytime from your sync page