Data Services by Import2
You should never be stuck without the business data you need - or worse, entering data manually. We understand that sometimes data tasks are too complicated and time-consuming. Import2 has experience of thousands of data import and export projects. So If you need a professional to help you out, we offer a variety of consulting options to achieve results as fast possible.
Types of Services
Don't want to do data work yourself? No problem, delegate it to us. We offer following data services:
Data Migration
Switching software? Import2 can help you migrate all of your data from the old system into the new software of your choice. Learn more
Data Export and Import Automation

We hate manual work. So whenever possible we would search for an opportunity to automate.
Data Quality Assurance
Incomplete or inaccurate data will hurt your business. Import2 can help you with data deduplication, cleansing and enrichment.