Business Data Where It's Needed
Get the most out of your HubSpot. Import2 Wizard lets you import and export contacts, companies, deals, products and more with CSV files or move them directly to HubSpot from other apps.
What Wizard can do with HubSpot
Import contacts to HubSpot
Upload contacts in bulk or update fields on existing contacts, such as phone numbers, addresses, email or custom fields.
How it works
Export activities and notes with related contact details
Download activities and notes stored in HubSpot into a CSV file. Use one-time export or schedule regular exports.
How it works
Associate contacts with companies
Setup an import of contacts from a CSV file and have them linked to existing companies in HubSpot CRM in minutes.
How it works
Automate upload of contact lists
Import lists of contacts into HubSpot on a regular basis. A one-time setup, and then forward your CSV file to the assigned email address for the import to happen automatically
How it works
Establish parent-child relationships between companies
Associate companies in a parent-child relationship in HubSpot CRM and navigate between them quickly and easily, saving time and headache.
How it works
Download email history
Easy approach to export full email history from HubSpot into a CSV file.
How it works
Import2 Wizard works with software you use
Costs Less Than Your Time
per month*
  • Import and export total up to 1,000 records per month
  • ✓ Import new data from CSV or other apps, update or upsert
  • Mapping of standard, lookup and custom fields
  • ✓ Export all data to CSV or apply filters to exclude unnecessary info
  • Works with multiple apps at once
per month*
  • Import and export total up to 5,000 records per month
  • Everything in Starter, plus
  • ✓ Auto-import from a CSV file
  • ✓ Scheduling of daily, weekly or monthly export
    per month*
    • Import and export total up to 10,000 records per month
    per month*
    • Import and export total up to 125,000 records per month
    • Everything in Basic+, plus
    • Complementary training
    * Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.