Sync HubSpot with Google Contacts
Your contacts will always remain accurate and up-to-date, no matter how and where you create or edit them. Set this up in just 1 minute. Want proof? Check out the video below!.
Sync Any Contact Change
Establish a seamless data sync between HubSpot and Google Contacts with complete confidence that Import2 Wizard won't make a mess of your database.
Newly created contacts
Any new contacts that you create in Google Contacts will be automatically copied into HubSpot, and vice versa.
Updates of existing contacts
Updating a phone number, address, email or adding a comment on one of your contacts? No problem, you'll see this reflected in real-time so that both your Google Contacts and HubSpot are consistent.
When building Import2 Wizard product one of the key challenges was to make sure it would never create a mess of your contacts database
Mark Kofman, CEO of Import2