Data Migration Using CSV Files and Import2 Wizard
The simple and cost-effective way to import data, with confidence that result is accurate and complete.
Why Import2 Wizard?
Simple to Use
With Import2 Wizard you don't have to be a data-geek to move your data. We offer intuitive wizard like interface to guide you through data export or import that you need to do.
Video Tutorials, Mapping Guides and Support by Data Experts
If you get stuck, we offer you a library of video tutorials and guides to learn how to do any data task using Import2 Wizard. You can watch them all, or mix-and-match, depending on your interests.
Just $0.01 per record
Import Wizard is free to use with files up to 500 rows. For larger files you pay just $0.001 per record imported or exported. Check the pricing page for details.
How to Use Import2 Wizard
Import2 Wizard allows you to import any record type that is available with your tool's API.

The import feature can be used for both bulk-adding new records or updating existing records in any tool you connect, via CSV file. Please refer to our mappings guides to learn how to map specific fields during your import.
1. How To Do an Import
2. How To Link to Multiple Records During an Import
3. How To Update Data on Your Existing Records