Scheduled Export
Here you'll find an overview of how to set up a scheduled export of data from any SaaS tool using Import2 Wizard.

If you have any questions as you utilize this feature, feel free to chat with us and we can walk you through it!
Import2 Wizard allows you to setup scheduled exports with just a few simple clicks.

This feature is used to regularly extract the data you need from any tool you connect - whether that be to gather data for reporting, create scheduled back-ups, and more. You can setup the schedule to run as often as you need it - daily, weekly or monthly.

To setup a scheduled export:
Select the tool you are exporting from
Select the type of data you wish to export
Select how often you need the export - daily, weekly, monthly
Select the columns (fields) you wish to include in your export file
Select the parameters to filter the export to only the data you need (optional)
Initiate the export to have the results delivered to your email inbox at the scheduled time you select
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