Export Notes & Activities from Specific Records in HubSpot
Export any note, task, email, call or meeting from HubSpot into CSV
In this article, we will walk you through how to export notes and activities for specific records from your HubSpot database into CSV file. (We'll use notes in the example here, but you can follow the same steps to export calls, tasks, emails and meetings as well).
  1. First setup a free Import2 Wizard account
  2. Use "Start New Export" button to initiate new HubSpot export
  3. Select which type of record to export (i.e. "Notes")
  4. Before downloading, you can select which fields to include in the export from the menu. Be sure to include the IDs of the specific contacts, companies and/or deals you want
  5. Click download to save the CSV to your preferred location
  6. Open the CSV and you can refer to the ID column to obtain the notes for the specific records you are looking for

Or check the quick video below: