Video Learning Center
Browse our library of bite-sized videos below to learn how to do any data task using Import2 Wizard. You can watch them all, or mix-and-match, depending on your interests. Come back anytime you need a refresher on how to do a specific task, and quickly become an expert in Import2 Wizard!
Video overview to introduce you to Import2 Wizard
Detailed video series to become an expert in Import2 Wizard
Getting Started
This series will introduce you to Import2 Wizard. You will learn about what it is, how and when to use it, as well as where to find help when you need it! You may not feel like a wizard yet, but after you're done with this series, you'll start to feel a little magic...
1. Overview of features
2. How to do your 1st import (walkthrough)
3. How to setup and name connections
4. How to find help
Become a Data Wizard
This series is for those of you wanting to become an expert in Import2 Wizard. When you complete the series, you'll be able to accomplish any data task you need. Magic wands available upon request.
5. How to do a scheduled data export
6. How to filter your export
7. How to select the output columns in your export
8. How to do a lookup mapping
9. How to undo an import
10. How to setup an auto-import
11. How to map date and time fields
12. How to link to multiple records at a time
13. How to export sales activity history
14. How to retry failed records
15. How to update existing records